Ophthalmic Heritage & Museum of Vision

30th Anniversary

Ophthalmology and the Academy have played important roles in the history of medicine.  The Foundation’s Museum of Vision preserves this history and translates it into an educational resource for use by Academy members, medical historians, researchers and the public as they seek to understand ophthalmology’s contributions to society and address similar challenges today and in the future.

The Museum of Vision educates people about the eye, vision and the history of eye care. Established in 1980, the Museum of Vision is dedicated to the dissemination of educational materials, exhibitions, publications and research information to members of the medical community and the general public.

The museum houses a collection dating back to the third century B.C. and is open to the public by appointment. Pieces of the collection are available for viewing at the museum’s San Francisco headquarters during specific operating days and hours.

Free Curriculum Guides available for download! Teach kids about eyes and vision.

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